Panama City – One of the Best and Cheap Places to Live

If there’s one city in Central America that has gotten so popular, it is Panama City. This bustling metropolis is currently deemed as one of the best and cheap places to live and retire in. According to Wikipedia, the International Living magazine has cited Panama as one of the top 5 places for retirement in the world. With Panama City as its national capital, this beautiful country is home to tall skyscrapers and modern conveniences that are quite surprising for a third world country.

Panama City is the national capital of Panama and is where the famous Panama Canal can be found. First time visitors of this city are often surprised to find that it looks very modern and advanced even when the country is still considered as a developing nation. While the city may not be in the same level as New York or London, it competes in terms of being practically modern. It is essentially a city where the citizens can enjoy advanced medical treatment, fine dining, fun recreation, and many other modern perks at really low costs.

A couple can dine in Panama City for as low as $8 a meal including beverage. A doctor’s consultation can also be availed for at least $10. This city is in fact known for its medical tourism. Many Americans go to Panama for certain medical procedures that may otherwise be very costly in the United States. Travel expenses combined with doctor’s fees are far cheaper than having an operation or medical treatment in the US.

In terms of insurance, a Panamanian can get medical insurance for $60 a month. This is so much cheaper than what one might need to spend in the US. Prescription drugs and plenty of other medications are also very inexpensive as well as laboratory tests, Ct scans, x-rays and many other body exams.

When one hears the word cheap, it is normal for a person to question quality and value for money. Are the medical practitioners in Panama well-educated enough? Can you trust these doctors to perform medical procedures on you given that they are practicing their profession in a developing country?

The answer to the above questions is YES! Most medical specialists in Panama have earned their medical degree in the United States and have just returned home to do medical practice. These professionals are real doctors and not some voodoo practitioners who know nothing about the real science of medicine. Just like American doctors who have earned their degree in medicine, Panamanian physicians are also your trusted and licensed medical professionals who can provide the right diagnosis and recommend the most appropriate treatment.

When hearing the phrase, “cheap places to live”, the usual impression is some unattractive area where one cannot enjoy the finer things in life. This is definitely not the case in Panama City. The city has full of surprises for tourists and people who decide to retire in Panama. The country is able to preserve its rich history through beautiful old mansions and buildings yet has also created modern edifices to keep up with change. One can visit old museums and structures the city is known for or go on a nature hike in the provinces. A fun, comfortable and inexpensive lifestyle awaits people who decide to live in Panama.

Retire in Panama City and get a taste of the old and the new, experience nature at its finest, eat the freshest fruits and live in a secure and wonderful neighborhood where plenty of expats permanently reside. It’s a country where the fun never ends and where one can experience the beauty of life inexpensively.